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The ion measuring instrument for static electricity

  It can be used as measurement of the various products which generate a potential medical treatment machine, accessories, and the negative ion that uses the static electricity of other 、, or a measuring instrument for sales promotion.
They are small electric power and a small size portable measuring instrument.
The system which measures static electricity using the sensor of high sensitivity, and is converted into negative ion is used for a measurement system.

    COM-3025 , Leather case     

 Detector  Potential sensor
 Time base range   0〜±30700 (Display x 10) piece/cc
 Display for indication   4 figure+1 / 2 digital Liquid-crystal-display machine
 Power supply  Four AA alkaline batteries. (About 80-hour use is possible)
 Auto power-off function. (15 minutes after a switch pushes, a power supply turns off)
 There is a low battery detection function.
 Outside dimension   Length140 x Width76 x Depth26mm
 Weight: 210g (According to battery) 
 Accessories   Leather case,Operation manual,Four AA alkaline dry cells 

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