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2-3-17, Matsubara-cho,
Akishima-shi, Tokyo

The air leak finder which can display the amount of air leaks

It is a time base range at the time of pressure 0.5MPa in piping.
0.0-84.3 L/ minute

   It is the time when each company also including the problem of earth environment is told with strong concern about energy saving these days when energy saving is cried for from the shortage of money of electricity demand.
In order to reduce the amount of discharge of carbon dioxide, although it is said that power consumption is cut down, it is very much difficult to reduce required electric power.
However, it is possible to reduce the useless amount of the electric power used, and the easiest method can cut down the amount of consumption of electric power by preventing the leak of the useless air of many air apparatus currently used at the factory etc.
A COM-1010PRO air leak finder is a product which inspects and searches the place from which the air from piping junction, a crack part, etc. and gas have leaked.

   Measuring method  
  It has an air leak finder by hand.
A sensor will be investigated towards the junction of piping, if air has leaked.
Signs that the air from a junction etc. leaks can be heard to sound by headphone.
The strength of a leak can be checked on the level of 0-100 which are displayed on a liquid-crystal-display machine.
According to the strength of a signal, adjustment of the digital volume of 64 steps can be set as the optimal sensitivity with two push-button switches.
Measurement of the amount of leaks chooses measurement distance with a switch.
The pressure in air piping is set up with a switch.
If it separates and measures to the measurement distance chosen from the part which has leaked, the amount of air leaks will be displayed on a display for indication.

The amount display of air leaks

The amount measurement of very small leaks :O . OOOL/ minute (0.1 m),
The amount measurement of leaks :O OO.OL/ minute (0.5m,1.0m,2.0m,3.0m)


微少エアー漏れ量 ・ エアー漏れ量測定
   Catalogue Specification INQUIRY  

   The example of application  
  ●Air leak investigation of piping of the air apparatus currently used at the factory.
●Investigation of the leak from the junction of piping which sends the compressed air currently used for the robot for industry.
●Air leak investigation from the air piping junction currently used for the bus track etc.
●The leak inspection from argon gas and carbon dioxide piping.
●The leak inspection of various tank welding parts and a crack.
●The leakage-of-the-sound inspection of a speaker box.