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COM-3200PROU  Air Ion Counter

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  They are the highly efficient products which the air ion measuring instrument of our company is comparatively historied, and have been used by the long years scientific area of research and which use the double cylinder pipe electrode type said for an electric field to have little disorder of uniformity and a wind. It measures with a high sensitivity detector from the weak positive ion which exists in a nature, and an anion to high-concentration ion, such as an ion generator. Measurement of the various products which generate ion. I also have the personal computer output so that it may be used in various fields, such as ion distribution of the room or a clean room, and ion of a nature, and printer output and data management can be performed easily.   

  Ideal for outdoor natural environment measurement, since continuation 8 time test is possible with the built-in battery
The world range power supply in which overseas use is possible is used.
The PC software of the data collection display with an expansion range corresponding to the network  which can be used with an overseas personal computer is attached.

   Catalogue Specification  INQUIRY   
    The contents of a set of COM-3200PROU
range 2,000,000 piece/cc
Main part,The case of leather,AC/DC adapter,
Data collection display PC software
     MODEL  COM-3200PROU-VM 
 Maximum range 20,000,000 piece/cc

    Negative Ion. 0-5,000 Screen ion/cc Negative Ion. 0-20,000 Screen ion/cc  
   Printing sample PDF Printing sample PDF  
    Negative Ion. 0-5,000 Screen ion/cc Negative Ion. 0-20,000 Screen ion/cc   
  Positive Ion. 0-5,000 Screen ion/cc   Positive Ion. 0-20,000 Screen ion/cc