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   High sensitivity corona discharge detector  
   Corona discharge detector in air + Corona discharge detector in oil  

  In man's body, preventive medicine is important. Teachings of a massive-power-blackout accident. I think that the preventive inspection of electric power equipment before causing a big accident is very important. Considering the immense loss after an accident happens, prior preventive inspection is far advantageous also in respect of cost. It seems that the quality of electric power equipment can be judged if generation of heat and corona discharge which are produced at the time of part degradation or a defect are investigated when it is impossible to check by suspending electric power equipment. COM-1000FX is equipment which hangs a main part on the shoulder, has a detector by hand, and investigates corona discharge. The burden of the hand was reduced as much as possible. There are a function to detect the corona discharge generated from the insulator of a high-voltage power line, a switchboard, etc., and a function to detect the corona discharge inside the high-voltage transformer filled up with oil. AC power supply operation and charge pond operation in which the boost charge circuit was built can be performed. They are the corona discharge of long time, and the optimal corona discharge finder for faulty point investigation observation. Data collection display PC software can also perform network operation. It is also possible to supervise the state of the switchboard of the spot from an office. The check report which took the photograph of the check spot using the digital camera, and combined it with corona discharge detection data can be drawn up.  

  ■Measurement principle
When the dirt of the insulator of various high-voltage apparatus and a high-voltage power line and they break down, a weak ultrasonic wave is generated simultaneously with corona discharge. The weak ultrasonic wave is detected with a detector. The detected ultrasonic wave is changed so that man's ear may hear, digital conversion of the strength of the amount of emergence of corona discharge is carried out, and it displays on a display for indication.。

  COM-1000FX main part
Air corona sensor  Oil corona sensor   

  The example of measurement of the corona discharge detector in the air
 ●Insulated investigation of a high-voltage insulator
 ● Degradation of the high-voltage apparatus inside a switchboard, investigation of a faulty point
 ● Degradation of a motor, investigation of a faulty point
 ● Degradation of a high-voltage transformer, investigation of a faulty point
 ● Check investigation using corona discharge of an ion generator of operation

The example of measurement of the corona discharge detector in oil
 ● Degradation of the various high-voltage transformers filled up with oil, investigation of a faulty point
 ● Investigation of the corona discharge inside the sealed apparatus


   Personal computer data collection display software of a corona detector