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COM-1000FX Corona Detector


Corona discharge is displayed. According to the strength of a signal, the character of 0-100.0 is displayed on a liquid crystal.
Data collection The manual memory which carries out a memory with a switch, and the automatic memory which carries out a memory in appointed time.
The number of data collection A maximum of 999 data is saved in the memory inside a main part.
The contents of data collection Corona data, thermal data, humidity data.
Data reference A memory is carried out and the existing corona, temperature, and humidity data are checked by a display screen.
Measurement mode The change of the corona detector in the air, and the corona detector in oil (MODE3 product).
Measurement display form Two kinds, the display of corona data, and the display of corona discharge, temperature, and humidity data.
Digital printing Memory data and real-time data are printed to an exclusive printer.
Analog record It is analog record to an exclusive printer about the real-time data of a corona.
It outputs to a personal computer Memory data and real-time data are outputted to a personal computer etc.
It is power supply cutting automatically. Setup of automatic power supply cutting time OFF, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes
Back light control It is ON/OFF control by a switch about the back light of a display for indication.
Exclusive PC software A stick lump is [ data / corona discharge, temperature, and / humidity ] possible in a check report in the photograph of an output and a digital jar in the prolonged display collection possibility of, check report generation printing, and the Excel format.

Display for indication 6-figure two lines, a STN system liquid crystal
Operation switch A power switch, various switches Six pieces
Signal frequency of a detector 40KHz
The sound output of a signal It outputs to a stereo headset jack. (monophonic signal output))
Corona discharge signal output The signal voltage of corona discharge is outputted to a BNC connector.
RS-232C Personal computer input and output, a printer output
Option CT, voltage, and other signals are inputted. Special edition products are possible.
Target selection Red laser 1 mW or less of outputs
Detection part Φ300mm Detector
Detector grip Attachment of a tripod is possible if the lightweight pistol type grip adoption and the grip which can be removed are removed.
Temperature sensor Time base range 0 ℃ - 50 ℃ One accuracy
Hygrometer sensor Time base range 5% - 95% 5% of accuracy
Category temperature range 0 ℃ - 40 ℃
Operating humidity limits 85%RH Following (don't dew)
Power supply An exchange power supply, an internal electrical power source (the about 10-hour use by boost charge circuit built-in and one charge is possible)
Consumption current About 200 mA
The outer diameter size of a detector 300 mm long 300 mm wide Depth of 110 mm (180 mm of + sensor assemblies)
Main part outer diameter size 85 mm long 140 mm wide Depth of 200 mm
Weight of a detector About 0.9 kg
Weight of a main part About 1.6 kg
Connecting cable 1.5m
Accessories An aluminum suitcase case, the main part skin case of a shoulder type, a connecting cable, exclusive PC software, stereo headphone, an AC/DC adaptor, an operation manual