Measurement displa According to the strength of a signal, 0-100 are displayed numerically.
Sensitivity adjustment 1-64 steps of digital sensitivity adjustments changed in a range of a maximum of 60 dB according to the strength of a signal
Detection signal frequency 40 kHz
Beep output It outputs to a headset jack. (monophonic signal output)
Switch A power switch, the sensitivity adjustment switch ▲, a sensitivity adjustment switch▼.
Auto power OFF The power is turned off 30 minutes after operation of the last of a switch.
Battery detection It is a LOBAT display when a dry cell is exhausted.
Power supply Four alkaline dry cells and a hour of use are about 30 hours.
Power consumption 210mW
The size of apparatus 140 mm (35 mm of + sensor assemblies) by 77 mm 28 mm in height
Weight 190g (weight of a dry cell is not added)
Accessories A main part case, stereo headphone, a phon, a box, four alkaline dry cells, an operation manual
Phon It is used in order to detect the air leak signal only from the front.
Structure which the small hole is opening to the center by the cone of length 80mm phi25mm (thickest portion).
It is used fixing at the tip of a sensor of COM-1010.
■ Measuring method
The part to which air, gas, etc. have leaked from the piping junction etc. is detected towards the place considered to have leaked the sensor of COM-1010. The leak of the air from the junction of piping, etc. and gas can be well heard by attached headphone. According to the strength of a leak, numbers 0-100 are displayed on a display for indication. According to the strength of a signal, sensitivity adjustment can be set as 1-64 steps with two push-button switches.
The example of application
Detection of a leak of the air which has leaked from the junction etc. of piping which sends the compressed air currently used for the robot for industry, etc.
Argon gas, the leak inspection of carbon dioxide piping
The leak inspection of the junction of various tanks, a welding part, and a crack part
The leak inspection of an oxygen cylinder
The leak inspection of the junction of various non-pressure tanks, a welding part, and a crack part
The sealing degree inspection of the door sealing part of a refrigerator and other products
The door of the automobile interior of a room, the sealing inspection of a windowpane
The door of a residence which dislikes penetration of pollen etc., the sealing inspection of a windowpane
☆● The mark leaks, installs COM-1011 according to a use, and detects by COM-1010. (crevice finder)
The problem of earth environment is a time told with strong concern. In order to reduce the amount of discharge of carbon dioxide, it is said that power consumption is cut down, but it is very much difficult to reduce required electric power. However, it is possible to reduce the useless amount of the electric power used, and the easiest method can cut down the amount of consumption of electric power by preventing the air leak with much useless air apparatus currently used at the factory etc. A COM-1010 air leak detector is a product which inspects and detects the part from which the air from piping junction, a crack part, etc. and gas have leaked.
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