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COM-3700  Air Ion Counter

Large ion counter
5.3800 ~ 0.00269 cu/V・sec (2000 Steps Electric mobility)

Earthquake prediction air ion measuring instrument

  The atmospheric ion counters of our company are the highly efficient products which use the "double cylinder pipe electrode" used by a scientific area of research.
The "double cylinder pipe electrode" is said for an electric field to have few turbulent flows of uniformity and air.

The positive ion and the negative ion which exist in natural environment can be measured by the highly efficient sensor of COM-3700.
Ion measurement of the various products which generate ion.Indoor ion distribution.In order to use it in various fields, such as ion measurement of natural environment, the personal computer output has.

  • The minimum range R1. 0-8,000 pieces/cc A wide range which can be measured without a range change.
  • R4 is the maximum range. 5 million pieces/cc
  • Setting change of electric mobility is possible.
  • The main part, data collection display software which can be used overseas.

COM-3700  Air Ion Counter
Earthquake prediction

COM-3700PRO  Air Ion Counter

 Data collection display PC software corresponding to a network

  Air ion measurement data 1 hourc Air ion measurement data One week   


Earthquake prediction ion measurement
Large ion, small ion measurement
COM-3700 , COM-3800 , Solar cell