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COM-3600F Specification

Measurement system The Gerdien capacitor method
Measurement There are two kinds of measurement modes, automatic measurement and manual measurement, and it chooses according to a use and can measure.
■ Automatic measurement :
A positive ion and negative ion are measured automatically and the display output of the measured value is carried out.
■ Manual measurement :
A positive ion and an anion are measured individually and the display output of the measured value is carried out.
Time base range Positive ion, Negative 0-5,000,000 1 piece/cc
Measurement range :
R1= 0 - 8,000 ion/cc   R2= 0 - 50,000 ion/cc
R3= 0- 500,000 ion/cc  R4= 0 - 5,000,000 ion/cc
Display for indication Character 16-figure liquid crystal of two lines The display for indication of a STN system liquid crystal, and back light with an ON/OFF control facility
Clock function The built-in clock which had a function of - part and a second at the time of year, moon, and day - is used.
Serial communication (RS-232C) Data is outputted to external apparatus, such as a personal computer, in real time.
It can be used for an external monitor etc.
A set period is 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60 seconds.
Electric mobility Small ion measurement
Ion measurement 5 ~ 35 ℃ 85%RH ≧ (Don't dew)
Power supply The world range AC/DC adaptor power supply of AC100V - 240V,  2 power supply systems of a built-in charge pond The 6-hour use by boost charge circuit built-in is possible.
Category temperature range -20 ~ 35 ℃
Operating humidity limits 85%RH ≧ (Don't dew)
Main part 105mm x 100mm x 250mm 【A projection thing is not included】  weight :About 2.5 kgk
Apparatus composition Main part, Detector,
Data collection display PC software, RS-232C connecting cable, Main part aluminum suitcase,
AC power supply Adapter(use power-supply range: AC100-240V),
Operation manual
Option ■ Make measurement box