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The negative ion measuring instrument for ores

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  The weak radiation generated from a natural ore or ceramics reacts to the molecule in the air, and an anion is made. A natural ore and ceramics are measured by a sensor, and it converts into the number of anions with the microcomputer of internal organs, and displays. Please use it as management of a product besides the cloth produced commercially using a natural ore and ceramics, bedding, clothing, wall material, and accessories, and a measuring instrument for sales promotion.

The new model which the performance raised greatly

The design of energy saving which will make a display screen bright automatically if it becomes dark
Measured value is displayed from 0 to 99,999.


  ■Mode 1  Standard measurement mode
It measures for 20 seconds. Measured value is calculated to negative ion and a value is displayed on a display for indication.
  ■Mode 2  Speed measurement mode
It measures for 10 seconds. Measured value is calculated to negative ion and a value is displayed. 
  ■Mode 3  Automatic measurement mode
Measurement for 20 seconds is performed 8 times. Themaximum, the minimum, and average value are calculated and average value is displayed on a display for indication.

  ■Mode 4 Moving average measurement mode
The measurement for 20 seconds is repeated 16 times for every second. The number of negative ion averages 16 times of measured value, and displays it on a display for indication. 
  ■Mode 5  Investigation mode
The number of signals is counted up.  When the source of a signal is strong, a count becomes early. When the source of a signal is weak, a count changes late


■Display for indication: 5-figure display White backlit liquid crystal  ■Beep: A piezo-electric buzzer
■Signal LED: It is LED lighting with a signal. ■Brightness sensor: It displays brightly by detecting darkness.
■Time base range: 0-100,000 pieces/cc ■Detector: GM sensor
■Printer output: It prints to an option printer. ■Low battery : Consumption of a dry cell will display LOBAT.
■Automatic printing: It is automatic printing at the time of the end of measurement. ■Auto-power-off: A power supply is shut off automatically.
■Power supply: Four AA alkaline dry cells ■Case weight: 420g (with no battery)
■Accessories: A leather case, four AA alkaline dry cells, an operation manual. ■Case size:140mm × 77mm × 53mm

Imitation cautions
The imitation photograph which came for repair is here.

To the visitor who purchased the imitation of COM-3010PRO accidentally
Taking imitation as a trade-in, COM-3010PRO sells at an extraordinarily cheap price.
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Taisho Ike JAPAN

Taisho Ike JAPAN